The honcho escritoire of Sovereign Homage of Afghanistan was injection beat by two unnamed gunmen other Saturday in the majuscule metropolis of Kabul, local officials aforementioned.

The incidental took situation in PD 5 of Kabul Metropolis astern two armed motorcyclists open ardour at Atiqullah Raoufi when he was in the way spot, aforementioned Aziz, Raoufi’s driver.

“It was some 8:30 a.m. when two gunmen attacked Raoufi then fled the region,” Aziz added.

The playacting Headman Judge of Afghanistan, Abdul Rashid Rashed, besides confirmed Raoufi’s expiry and called on the constabulary to collar the murderers.

“Investigations are afoot regarding Raoufi’s blackwash,” Rashed aforementioned. “We wish his murderers to be arrested and brought into judge.”

But the Kabul Constabulary links Raoufi’s dispatch to bench issues.

“The attackers were two and fled the expanse,” spokesman of Kabul Constabulary Hashmat Stanekzai aforesaid. “Plausibly, it is a political off and we get started our investigations.”

But the Taliban, proceedings afterwards the blast, claimed duty for cleanup a high-rank prescribed of Sovereign Lawcourt.

By Biren Ramanathan

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