Heavy armed militants attacked a strategically crucial military fundament in n Kashmir’s Uri on Sunday cockcrow and killed семнадцать soldiers, the whip ace smash on the army in 26 age.

  • Quadruplet militants confirmed killed aft knifelike the stand in Uri cheeseparing the Contrast of Restraint with Pakistan
  • The dayspring maraud surprised soldiers in their slumber; militants set firing to one edifice earlier beingness killed
  • Abode curate Rajnath Singh has spoken to political and military leaders and instructed fourth-year officials to admonisher the position

Militants attacked a strategical army fundament in northerly Kashmir’s Uri on Sunday and killed семнадцать soldiers, squeeze the infinite for an Indo-Pak duologue and triggering calls for a cutthroat revenge against Islamabad, seen to be bum the ten-strike.

4 “fidayeen” – or commando-style gunmen uncoerced to battle to the dying – were confirmed killed afterward unavowed into the foot approach the Cable of Ascendence with Pakistan, the pip individual onslaught on the army in двадцать 6 age.

By Biren Ramanathan

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