so we’ve got a couple of new faces in the group usually mate you’ve had a long time in lockdown so great to see you and maxie so so in terms of practice today um you know i just want us to basically train with purpose so rather than just having a bat in a bowl we’re really specific in terms of what we’re trying to achieve today we all know what our role is well we’ve all had those meetings so we know what we’re training for so when we go on the nets we’re really specific around what we’re trying to get out of it okay so we’re only sort of four four to five days maybe two or three trainings away from playing and we just need to just step it up a notch we use tonight to make sure we get better alright thank you then i will back obviously the feeling was good uh it was okay and i’m happy the way i bought today i’m very pumped up especially you know we are on a good on the wine stables and we have a very good chance to stay on you know top of the table and yeah when when you bowl good and nights after so long you always feel good that today like i felt like okay i can say that the old use is back i used to play a lot back in the day that doesn’t surprise me oh he’s trying to record

By Biren Ramanathan

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