44. looking forward and see you soon let’s go let’s go unfortunate how we uh ended up being here early but with kovid in place things are very uncertain so anything can happen at any time hopefully you know we we are able to maintain a good strong uh uh secure environment here and have a quality ipl and and then on to the world cup so now heading into the t20 phase i think it’s it’s going to be a very exciting phase and a very important one for i’ve been in touch with everyone um we’ve had our discussions over the last month or so a little longer than that uh with the replacements and you know who’s coming who’s not eventually i think we ended up replacing our key players with some top quality cricketers our key players will obviously be missed and they’re part of the family but the people coming in as well i think they have great sales skill sets and especially for these conditions uh so i’m very excited to see uh them with the whole group at practice and uh certainly very excited to resume a very good season that we started last time around

By Biren Ramanathan

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