congratulations for making a value for rcp it’s a very proud franchise as you’ve seen that’s a proper way now come on thank you 17th over you know greater skipper to chucking the ball have that confidence in him and uh boy he certainly replayed my first one game ginger first one we’re ready for the challenge that my family could be here to watch me play and especially my sons being old enough to understand the game a bit understand that that he’s playing um it’s very special i really am pleased to be with rcb give equal value and equal credit versus somebody like asiraj in the last games siraj and hershel combined together to get us that get us those two points so it’s working well i’m pretty sure that we continue to improve see me for too long here catch dave man at the moment what a knock wow wow many more special special partnerships best things of the tournament what’s up maxie this is my favorite tournament so far right from the word go i mean you played some amazing shots uh shots you do not really see a lot more often from that the lofted drives were a trait to watch we must have been devastated with what happened with the corvette and absolutely stoked for him he deserves it because the form like i said he brought into the ip was amazing first off your 100 first manny wilder skip little 70 night out brilliant last but not least one of us here tonight enjoyed the day where he became a father great moment in his life he kept it quiet because he didn’t want to distract you guys from the job at hand today great job legend i liked it how many catches because you know these days 14 the last overs you know teams are used to getting it so for him to hold his nerve and do what he did foreign foreign at the end of the day it’s all about the team winning so petrol cab is a good feather in that hat but winning games for the team is definitely more important get in there two points yeah you

By Biren Ramanathan

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