Punjab Head Rector Parkash Singh Badal on Friday recommended the discover of “country’s superlative sportsmanlike image e’er in history” Balbir Singh (older) for the nation’s highest civilian laurels — the Bharat Ratna.

Badal, in a missive to the Premier Narendra Modi, apprised him that Balbir Singh, a fabled hockey adept, is the lone Indian to get been elect by the External Olympic Tie-up for the place accolade of featuring as one of the шестнадцать superlative sportspersons of all multiplication in the humanity since the first of the Olympic games.

“Apart from organism a uncommon triplex Olympic Amber Medallist, Balbir Singh has the rarest of uncommon honours of organism the sole participant in the reality to hit fin goals in an Olympic last of any squad спорт. This unequalled platter, which features in the Guinness Playscript of Mankind Records, has stood undisputed by anyone in any спорт since Balbir Singh created it шестьдесят два days ago in 1952,” aforesaid Badal.

Badal farther mentioned that as if that was not plenty, Balbir Singh led the Indian hockey squad to its one-third consecutive Olympic amber, featuring altogether ternary as a instrumentalist likewise – 1948, одна тыща девятьсот пятьдесят два and 1956.

He informed Modi that evening afterward his acting years were ended, Balbir Singh continued to generate great services for the nation’s halo, direction India as squad handler to the country’s but Humanity Cup victory at Kuala lumpur in 1975.

“Balbir Singh has rendered undischarged services to the commonwealth and to sports in many over-the-counter capacities subsequently this too, stellar a revivification of hockey in the area as an executive, handler, motorcoach and source,” learn Badal’s missive to the Chancellor.

It added, “Balbir Singh shines as a rarified and nearly undischarged caption in his life-time, and no otc sportsperson in the area or for that count from any otc nation has e’er scaly the high of Olympic nimbus as he has through.”

The ask for Bharat Ratna for the fabled hockey thespian gained impulse astern Major Dhyan Chand’s diagnose was eventually nominative for the laurels in Venerable.

Balbir Singh (90), at that articulation, uttered that passing by his achievements he too deserves the country’s highest civilian present and hoped to get the realisation in his life-time. “If my records and achievements as a histrion, as a chieftain, as a motorcoach, as a director and as an executive are interpreted into story, so one should get (Bharat Ratna). But I lack to submit hither that it is either capable God or the privilege of the Government… I desire to get and that too in my life-time,” Balbir Singh, wide regarded as world’s sterling essence forwards, had so declared.

By Biren Ramanathan

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