i’ve been looking forward to this for for a while i’m excited to be back and get ready to get over with the quarantine and go to the way and start start training honestly it’s so good to have long waiting but yes all good being good to back to join the team and uh they are looking forward for the second phase of the ipa all set and ready to cover part of this historic season is to keep myself busy you know some reading and then you know uh doing my regular home quarantine workouts and then you know some shadow practice or something like that and keep myself occupied basically in a healthy way i don’t know i’ll take it as it comes no plans as of now but uh i’ll try and keep it and keep my mind ready for for whatever comes next in the tournament yeah i’ve got some books with me and evening is all sorted by the workout so it’s just the morning that i have to go through current time netflix you know some diet as well to maintain the weight it will be very difficult but you have to do for it yeah well it has its own challenges uh but yes so being professionals we are all equipped to you know face those challenges and come out with desired results and you know just give out our hundred percent and you know just enjoy the game it will be a great challenge for for the for me because it is the first time so yeah looking forward uh looking forward for it yeah i’m very happy with the with the new guys that we’ve got uh you know all these new guys have done exceptionally well at the international level and uh i’m sure they’ll be a great addition to the rcb side and i look forward to playing with them i look forward to learning from them and hopefully we can get together and make a make an impactful performance this season you

By Biren Ramanathan

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