yeah look firstly we we needed to make sure uh we knew exactly who was available for the upcoming um part of the ipl so that took a decent period of time to gather all that information with uh you know a number of countries you know making relatively uh late decisions on that so we were sort of kept kept informed with the individual players but also just waiting for bcci to announce exactly who was available and who wasn’t um and then players made those individual choices in terms of who was able to come and who weren’t so yeah daniel sam’s uh kane richardson made himself unavailable relatively early scott cougarline who was a replacement for kane richardson and uh finn ellen um i’ve been selected to play for new zealand uh during tours so therefore they were unavailable uh and we also made a decision around the replacement um player for adam zampa so we’ve been working to try and get uh hold of uh hassaranga um so wenindu hessaranga was certainly a key target for us in terms of that replacement providing some all-round capability in that space um so really delighted to get his services uh we wanted some some pace in our attack um so really pleased to get uh chimera uh from sri lanka is bowling really nicely at the moment um yeah bows with good pace and is a nice addition to our squad uh and tim david we wanted somebody who could come in uh obviously with glenn maxwell and amy de villiers uh in the middle order for us we wanted a straight swap in terms of a replacement if you know potentially we had an injury concern or indeed we wanted to strengthen that middle order with another player so uh you know tim david’s in fine form um his ability to play against you know both spin and genuine pace was really important for us and obviously his recent experience in the subcontinent so yeah three really good additions uh we’ve still got one more position to fill which we’re well advanced on and uh we’ll let you know uh once that last position takes place as well this will let you know that simon kattich has decided to step down as head coach overall challenges bangalore we would like to thank simon kattisch for his work during his period at royal talent in bangalore and wish him all the success in the near future in the interim as for the business continuing plan of royal challenges bangalore my question will step in and discharge all the duties of head coach until the end of the current season this step up will be in addition to his existing role of director of major operations oh look would be good fun to get back on the tools again um you know having had a season or so uh sort of more behind the scenes so really looking forward to it obviously i’ve spent you know 20 years uh doing that in terms of coaching and um look it’s uh you know it’s an opportunity that’s that’s arisen um you know due to simon caddis being unavailable to uh you know to come to the rest of the ipl um within the rest of the coaching team myself included um you know we’ve we’ve talked since then um about how we’re gonna you know divvy up the roles and and obviously it’s gonna take a team effort in terms of from the whole coaching team and indeed the support staff and and i’ll obviously be playing a big part in that the indian players and support staff and team management will be assembling in bangalore on the 21st of august for long beach the team will undergo a seven day current time and will be tested for three days during that period then the team will depart to uae via a chartered flight from bangalore on 29th august uh the other international players and staff will assemble uh in uae starting 29th august onwards and there will be again six days quarantined in uae and then we get on to the the field in terms of the replacement i think so we have we have a bunch of exciting uh young talent which are uh uh our team including the scouting team have have uh scouted currently we are really excited with this talent and you know the names asaranga tamira tim david they are brilliant players and and and performed really well recently and we are looking forward for continuing our winning streak uh for this second lego fight here in

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