england vs india test series

It is time for arguably one of the biggest series in the calendar year.

The build-up to this series has been long peppered with players ruled out or withdrawing from the series, but none of that has dulled the excitement that you expect from a series. Featuring the two best test sites in the world, it’s time for India versus England. Hey, guys!

England vs India test series 2021

What can we expect from this five match series? Well, expect cricket of the highest quality, because it’s between two sides that feature some of the biggest names in test cricket. Virat Kohli’s emphasis on this format has made India a powerhouse in the team to beat and test, while England continue to be the epicenter of test cricket.

And they will believe that they can come into the series and tire the opposition out, if not physically, mentally at least…  What about the teams? India on paper are as good as they come, and they certainly have what it takes to go past the English. The England team looks slightly weaker in the batting department, and the last few series for the captain Joe Root at home haven’t been the best.

He will have to be at his best, not just with the bat, but on the field as a leader as well. And in the absence of Ben Stokes, Joe Root will have to inspire confidence into his team. India, on the other hand, will want to correct the few areas that led them to falling shot against the Kiwis in the WTC Final. Battles to watch out for big-big names and big battles. At number three Mohammed Shami versus Joe Root.

India vs England test series

Shami has been one of India’s best fast bowlers of late. He was responsible for keeping India in the game in the WTC Final with four wickets in the first innings. Joe Root, on the other hand, enjoys a handsome record against India. If Shami can skittle Joe Root out early, it very well could dictate which way first test is headed.

At number two Stuart Broad versus Rishabh Pant. Rishabh Pant has been the premier propeller in India’s recent run-in test. The wicketkeepers’ flamboyance in the lower middle order often takes the opposition by surprise and spoils their plans. For him, to continue his good work, he will have to deal with one of the most successful fast bowlers in test cricket − Stuart Broad. England have done a good job and have continued their rotation policies for a while now to keep their pacers fresh.

Can Rishabh Pant deal with the experience of Stuart Broad? And at number one who else but Virat Kohli versus James Anderson − two legends of the game, who have produced some of the most thrilling contest. The role of James Anderson in the growth of Virat Kohli has been nothing short of amazing. He was the one who pushed Virat to try harder and come out stronger.

And in this series we might get to see the peak of Virat Kohli versus James Anderson. And whoever comes out on top, would have certainly established the supremacy. In our RCB Watch Segment, plenty of our city fans look forward to Mohammad Siraj featuring in the playing eleven. In English conditions Siraj will fancy his chances for sure. The skipper Virat Kohli will obviously be in action. He will always be the main, no matter where he plays. So watch out for the skipper Virat and Mohammed Siraj.

And in other news, unfortunately, our star all-rounder Washington Sundar had to make his way back to India because of an injury. For the next one and a half months the color of the cricketing world is going to be white. The beauty of test cricket is back and it promises to produce a clash that will well and truly initiate the next cycle of the world test championship.

By Biren Ramanathan

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