AB de Villiers IPL

AB de Villiers IPL

It was very good. The wicket was a bit sticky, so it was quite tough, actually. Bowlers bowled very well. And it’s also humid here. We’re going to sweat a lot, which is good for losing a bit of weight. But for an old man like me, I have to try and stay fresh as much as I can. It was a great session, and it was nice to see everyone out again. All the guys are very eager to get going. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s warm-up game.

Absolutely, I’ve missed the guys. You know, I’ve caught up with a couple of individuals, and I’ll get to meet up with all the guys throughout the next few days. But I’ve covered a couple of guys tonight. It’s nice to hear all the stories and what they got up to in the last few months.

There’s some interesting stuff that has happened, and it’s great to be together as a team again. Constantly, as players, you’re trying to figure little things out about your technique and little movements you do. I’ve got quite a few trigger points that have worked for me throughout my career.

So, I sort of try and get go through the memory bank of little things I used to do. I’m trying different things now. I’ve always chopped and changed my technique as I’ve moved on and this is no different. It’s the first time in a few months that I will be playing competitive cricket again. So, I’m trying to find the comfort zone of movement at the crease, where my head position should be, and that’s what I think of when I do shadow batting.

By Biren Ramanathan

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