AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers: It’s great to be back. I’m looking forward to see everyone again. I know some of the guys are still in the UK, but they’ll be joining us soon. We had a good start to the tournament, so we’ve got a lot of momentum to build on. I’m just looking forward to settle in and to see everyone again.

I’ve been playing around with the guys a bit. I’m also just feeling like a little young kid ready to go again, very excited to play cricket again.

And, yes, I saw some videos of you. There was one particularly good video which I responded on. And then I realized there are lots of others that wanted a bit of attention as well, so I tried to reply where I could. I’m just getting ready for the IPL. I’ve had a couple of hiccups here and there with a few things that got in the way, some obstacles that I had to overcome. But I’ve been trying to get fit hitting some balls and, now for a bit of isolation, and then we get going again.

By Biren Ramanathan

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